I am running for Jefferson County Commission because
My motive is to improve conditions in Jefferson County, WV and not to enrich myself.


  • Strong supporter of our Ambulance, Fire, and Police Departments. This is a top priority.
  • We must use our county resources to fight the local drug infestation.
  • Enact prudent and balanced budgeting for the benefit of ALL county residents.
  • FULL transparency in our county government is a MUST at every level.
  • REDUCE or ELIMINATE burdensome regulations that hurt or hinder our local businesses and agriculture.
  • LOWER FEES whenever possible and absolutely no NEW fees. No levy.
  • Advocate NEW environmentally clean businesses that bring JOBS into the community. Support Free Market Principles.
  • Protect our County VISTAS and promote our County HISTORIC LANDMARKS. Local Tourism is great!
  • NO more SOLAR compounds. Too many already!
  • PROPERTY RIGHTS: Property Owner Rights are very important. Along with stated Owner rights, we need to foster PROPERTY OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES.
  • Salary will be donated to charities (mostly local).
  • Pledge perfect attendance at meetings including support boards.
  • Fully support the current WV GOP Platform.
  • Constitutional and Fiscal Conservative. Liberty Minded.

“A Liberty Minded Constitutional and Fiscal Conservative”

Contact Information:
Jack Hefestay
P.O. Box 4
Charles Town, WV 25414


If you are interested in helping with my campaign or making a financial donation please feel free to contact me!

More yard signs are here! (Paid for by HEFESTAY4WV).

The “Bill of Rights: is a key element of your personal liberties; and never forget the 2nd Amendment protects the others …


I am a long-term resident of Jefferson County, I live here by choice and I have no intention to relocate or to pursue other career opportunities. What occurs here in Jefferson County makes a big difference to me. I care what happens here.

COUNTY VOLUNTEERISM: I currently serve on the JC Planning (and Zoning) Commission and previously served on the JC Historic Landmarks Commission/Treasurer (both unpaid positions). They provided me with excellent insights regarding the internal and external operations of our county government. Strongly recommended for anyone interested in being elected to any county government position.

COUNTY COMMISSION TIME COMMITMENT: I am fully retired and have the benefit of being able to devote full time to what some humorists describe as a part-time job. In addition to the responsibilities of the “County Commission” — and the half dozen or so sub-boards commissioners are assigned to support — I pledge perfect attendance at these important sessions.

COMMISSIONERS PAY: According to state code I am required to accept the commissioners pay. I will only use very limited funds for related expenses and the rest of the earnings will be given as monthly donations to viable and worthy charitable organizations (mostly local).

EDUCATION: Graduate of the University of Colorado. Attended graduate school and was nominated for a full fellowship as a doctoral candidate. Senior year I was elected Student Body President.

PROFESSIONAL: Retired System Integration/Engineer with over 33 years Technical, Management and Business Operations expertise. Former employee of Lockheed-Martin.

MILITARY: Retired US NAVY Captain (O-6) both active and reserve with 25 years experience in technical disciplines and analysis, planning, training, administrative and personnel management. Former enlisted (E-6). Numerous stateside and overseas operational deployments. GOD and America First. Multiple personal and unit service awards.

* Eastern Panhandle Business Association (EPBA)
* West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL)
* We the People of West Virginia (WTPWV)
* Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), Life Member, Post 3522, Charles Town, West Virginia
* The American Legion, Post 71, Jackson-Perks, Charles Town
* Jefferson County Planning Commission
* Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree, St; James the Greater
* National Rifle Association (NRA)
* National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR)



I strongly oppose any new or expanded solar facilities. Currently Jefferson County land use for solar is tagged at 2.1 percent and that is more than enough on this failed experiment. There are more huge solar ventures in the planning stages. Absolutely no pilot agreements should be approved for any solar endeavor.

This is a very complicated issue and Jefferson County residents appear to be solid if not unanimous in their collective opposition. What started out to be a initiative to help some farmers get on a better economic footing has had dubious results.

In short here are some items to consider:

• The generated power is going elsewhere and has no direct positive impact on our residents.

• The workforce is short term. Only minimal maintenance jobs are long term.

• The topsoil from our farmland is being stripped and damage from silt runoffs abound. Foliage buffers are inadequate. Long term environmental soil damage is apparent.

Setbacks are inadequate especially where established housing is in place. No one wants a solar eyesore in their backyard.

• The solar facilities are visually unappealing (ugly) and are a disgrace to our formerly beautiful county vistas.

• Solar industry is developing and these – in the pipeline – facilities could easily be obsolete and abandoned in the near future.

Property owner rights are important but should be coupled with property owner responsibilities. Many of these formerly good neighbors have sold out to the corporations — with no regard to their neighbors or our county. Property values for neighbors is a nightmare.